Business to Business networking provides Professionals with powerful tools to compete in todays competitive environment.

Professional Contractor Software


Are you an industry professional looking to make some new connections?

  • UBuildNet is filled with construction companies of all types and specialties, connect with members to share your unique professional qualities.
  • Simple to use targeted search function that lets you identify the businesses you might wish to find from a wide variety of business/product categories (builders, general contractors, contractors, electricians, and much more), along with the ability to enter a location radius so that you can easily find the ones in your area.
  • Networking is a powerful tool to help increase exposure and drive new business to your firm.
  • When you connect with businesses on UBuildNet you share a Timeline. You can use your Timeline to share comprehensive information about legal updates, code compliance, and new market trends.
  • Share pictures, specifications, or product information on your profile about the unique services you offer, these pictures also show up in our Project Idea Gallery for even greater exposure.
  • UBuildNet has an internal messaging system that allows you to communicate with your connections to share information that can help your business stand out.
  • Your services are required because the industry cannot function without them, take a minute to connect with builders and contractors who look forward to networking with you and your firm.
  • UBuildNet's networking platform is free to join and free to use, develop your unique profile and target connections that help your business succeed.