Build better projects with enhanced tools for networking, communicating, and managing your project.

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Technology offers new opportunities, are you looking to improve your business?

Contact Management: includes a powerful search function with customizable parameters according to types of services provided and regions served. Whether you are a project manager, work for a construction related industry, or an individual looking for construction professionals UBuildNet was built for you.

Project Management: UBuildNet's UPro software and project dashboard for managing estimates, proposals, work orders, purchase orders, and more, with easy-to-use templates that can be customized.

Financial Management: UPro offers the user basic financial management tools, such as tracking costs by project or globally, invoicing, and a host of exporting and search features.

Networking: Networking benefits some industries more than others, and construction probably the most. Word of mouth referrals are powerful tools to help advance your network and increase your market share. Nothing says a job well done like a recommendation does! "Verbal buzz", is a great description, however what is really required is to create a culture in your network that benefits and enhances word of mouth referrals.

Additional Benefits: Technology has taken word of mouth referrals and networking into the 21st century. The rise of the internet now a portable, active part of daily life for so many of us, changed the way we network and communicate professionally. Develop your free profile on and open your business up to new opportunities and growth.