The Power of Your Network!

Contracor and Subcontractor Networking

Contractor Networking

Professional Networking

  • Networking takes advantage of real growth by helping you develop real business to business relationships.
  • Strong networks build trust and improve project performance.
  • Develop connections to help further shared goals.
  • Enhance your company by connecting with other Pros and sharing industry experience.


  • Construction projects require partnerships. Builders need trade professionals they can count on, and trade professionals need builders.
  • Great word of mouth starts with creating a culture that encourages your partners to consider themselves part of your business.
  • The rise of the internet now a portable, active part of daily life for so many of us, changed the way we network and communicate professionally.

Powerful Networking Tools

  • Your free UBuildNet profile is searchable; includes basic company information, pictures, regions served, and specializations.
  • Your profile is a powerful tool to communicate what you have to offer partners.
  • With your free membership you list your specialty and the area you serve, this helps to ensure you are targeting the right partners in the right place.


  • Simple to use targeted search function that lets you identify the businesses you might wish to find from a wide variety of business/product categories along with the ability to enter a location radius so that you can easily find the ones in your area.
  • When you connect with businesses on UBuildNet you share a Timeline.
  • UBuildNet has an internal messaging system that allows you to communicate directly with your connections.
Combine your networking with our UPro software and develop a powerful tool to staff, manage, and complete your projects on budget and on schedule!