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UBuildNet provides an innovative, powerful tool for building the 21st century. It offers an industry-specific meeting space where construction industry peers and associates can connect and share information, and can make them all easy to find and reach. Advertising to our targeted audience offers a unique industry specific marketing opportunity.

The result is a captive audience of construction industry professionals and peers looking to increase their market share that will welcome your advertisement.

Easy Ad Structure

Your ad will appear periodically on the right side of the UBuildNet interface.

Available ad types are:

  • Basic Ad - (text only) Title up to 30 characters, content up to 200 characters
  • Featured Ad - (image) Jpg image 310x310 pixels
  • Banner Ad - (image) Jpg image 728x90 pixels (appears on UBuildnet home page)

Payment choices to suit your needs!

Plan pricing varies depending on combination of month duration and ad type.

3 months 6 months 12 months
Basic Ad $100 per month $90 per month $80 per month
Featured Ad $200 per month $180 per month $160 per month

Monitor your Advertisements

Keep Track of your Ad's stats! Once registered and you have an ad on UBuildNet, you will be able to access stats of your ad's traffic on your "My Ads" page.


Additional Services

We will take care of you! If you have your own ad, submit it to us, but we know not everyone is a designer, or has the tools to do so. Let us take care of your ad designing needs. Also, if it's time for your business to grow and you need website design/development we've got you covered!

Graphics / Web Site Design and Development services

Do you need a web site for your business? Do you like our site? We only work with the best, and so should you. Use our trusted web design service located in Central Florida.

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