About Us

Networking, communication, and project management for the construction industry

UBuildNet - networking, communication, and project management for the construction industry.

Hello and welcome to UBuildNet.com. Our experience in the construction industry has shown us that the power of networking and construction management are critical aspects of maintaining a successful construction business. We found ourselves increasingly frustrated by the fact that even in an age of expansive communication and cloud based technologies; there still remains no means to quickly and easily overcome clear roadblocks to efficiency. With this, our idea for cloud based software combined with niche networking specifically designed to meet the needs of the construction industry can provide an effective tool to navigate those roadblocks.

John Clark Founder and CEO of the UBuildNet team is passionate about building and improving the construction industry. John has been a construction professional for over 30 years and holds a degree in Organizational Management from Ashford University.
Thai Pham Technology Expert. Thai specializes in technology applications and integrating them into your business to improve efficiency. Thai has been a member of the UBuildNet team since its creation and is a graduate of DeVry University.
Carolee Marano Communications. Carolee specializes in creative and technical writing for our website and marketing products. Carolee has a gift when it comes to bending the language to make it interesting and compelling. Carolee is a graduate of Hunter College.
Tina Curtis Product Development. Tina is a long time construction professional who has specialized in green building technologies. Tina works and develops our Apps, as well as contributing to technology based improvements. Tina is a graduate of Florida Southern.
John Van Horn Product Development. John is our web designer and developer... the creative genius behind the UBuildNet platform. John has been in the web design industry for over 16 years.
Jonathan Clark Sales and Marketing. Jon develops content and strategic planning with an eye towards industry specific growth. Jon also specializes in sales and sales training.
Mario Casabona Board Member. Mario is an incredible force in the technology industry and has contributed to launching many new and innovative platforms.
Gerald Frungillo Board Member. Gerald is a well respected business owner who has helped shape and create a vision of excellence through innovative products and technologies.