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UBuildNet is a dashboard that enhances communication, improves project performance, and helps you develop the relationships for success. A single source cloud based platform designed for the construction industry that "Works Where You Work".
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We at UBuildNet know first-hand that contractors, building professionals, and homeowners are continually challenged to find the best professionals, and resources needed for success. This is why we have developed a dedicated construction dashboard that enhances communication, and provides the tools that are necessary to compete in the 21st century. UBuildNet offers a unique approach to managing and controlling construction projects; like an advanced search feature, the project idea gallery and UPro software. Only UBuildNet was conceived and built by construction professionals to meet the specific needs of the construction industry, its partners, and its consumers.

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Builders, contractors, retailors, professionals and all the different companies that make up the construction industry can find niche contractors, professionals and consumers in targeted regions using UBuildNet's specially-designed search functions. Free social features, tools, and resources to advance your business are also available. We know what you need because we have been in your shoes... and boots.

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Whether you are looking to hire a professional, run your own project, or just want to explore possibilities for changes to your home, UBuildNet lets you find resources, make connections, set up and edit projects, download free tools, and manage your home-project goals and tasks, all from a single go-to-source.

UPro construction management software

What is UPro?

UPro is a construction management dashboard designed specifically for the construction industry. Create a project and assign the project to a customer. Estimate your project costs and develop a budget. Send your customer a proposal, create purchase and work orders, update your estimate and send your customer a change order for their approval. Add expenses to each project or record global expenses to track all costs associated with running your business. Send an invoice and record payment information. All the information in UPro can be exported to Excel spread sheets to update your partners or accountant.

Every document can be sent directly from UPro to your customers and contractors with just the push of a single button. Send dates are also recorded to create a paper trail of important dates and activities. Contact management is controlled by adding your own contacts, or importing them from your UBuildNet contacts, and your company's information and logo are updated right from your UBuildNet account.

UPro is cloud based and always available, we understand construction professionals spend most of their time where they make money, in the field. This is why UPro goes wherever you go, and is ready whenever you are. Can't remember a phone number, when did you send the proposal, was the latest invoice paid, forget about waiting till later you need to know now. Simply use your phone, tablet, or laptop and log in and all of your projects key information is there ready and waiting.

UBuildNet is a platform for construction networking and social marketing. Businesses can find and connect with other businesses and the customers that use their services. Individuals and homeowners can connect with businesses, other individuals, or just use our innovative products to get their jobs done. So whether you are a homeowner or a contractor seeking a subcontractor, or a construction professional seeking new opportunities and business growth, we connect you. Through UBuildNet, members can create a free, searchable profile and connect with contractors, builders, subcontractors, suppliers, professionals, homeowners and the countless entities and individuals that make up the construction industry.